The eWallet with infinite possibilities

With the MiFinity eWallet, you can pay online, receive funds and send money worldwide. And with super-low fees, there are infinite possibilities to do more of the things you love.
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Sign up in 3 simple steps

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Step 1

Click on or download the app

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Step 2

Follow the steps to create and activate your account

Step 3
Step 3

Start using your MiFinity eWallet to store funds and make secure online payments

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An eWallet that helps you do more

The MiFinity eWallet helps you do more things you love online. Our secure eWallet makes online payments simple. It’s accepted by over 500 of your favourite websites and available in over 225 countries and territories worldwide. It’s the intelligent way to spend, send, and receive money.

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Infinite possibilities

With super low fees, you have more to spend on what’s important and complete control over what you pay. The MiFinity eWallet is a simple way to manage your money.

Share the love instantly

When your friends and family have a MiFinity eWallet, you can send money to  them instantly. Don’t worry if they do not have a MiFinity eWallet, you can send money to anyone using their email address or phone number. They will receive a link to sign up and receive their funds quickly.

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Send money around the world

Money transfer with MiFinity is simple, smart and secure. With no hidden fees, you can send money to friends and family in over 70 countries and 17 currencies, including via UnionPay International in China. In addition, super-fast transfer times mean your recipients receive cleared funds in their bank account ready to spend or withdraw when they need them.

A secure eWallet that keeps you safe

With the MiFinity eWallet, your money is secure. Using the latest anti-fraud tools and security features, we keep you safe 24/7. Whether you are depositing funds, making payments or sending money, we protect your sensitive information and your finances. Furthermore, we will never share your financial details with any other parties.

The eWallet that speaks your language

The MiFinity eWallet is available in 20 languages and 17 currencies. Our global network of payment partners makes it simple to deposit funds in your MiFinity eWallet. Choose your preferred local option from over 40 integrated payment methods for fast and secure transactions.You can also create multiple multi-currency eWallets within your MiFinity account to effectively manage payments.

A secure eWallet with ZERO FEES*

With the MiFinity virtual IBAN, you can transfer funds into your eWallet with no fees to pay. Simply request a free virtual IBAN within your Mifinity eWallet which will be linked to your MiFinity account to get started. Your funds are usually cleared on the same day for transactions within Europe.

Please note that only GBP and EUR currencies supported

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What’s an IBAN?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. It’s a global standard code that automates international payments, making it a fast and secure payment method.

*ZERO FEES when using a virtual IBAN, currently EEA and UK users only

A secure eVoucher to top up or share

Top up your MiFinity eWallet, or send friends and family a gift with a MiFinity eVoucher. You can purchase these across a wide network of Global resellers - see here for our up-to-date list. A MiFinity eVoucher is a convenient and secure way to deposit funds and spend online without the hassle of bank accounts. Available in 16 currencies and sold in fixed denominations, a MiFinity eVoucher gives you more control over what you spend and how you spend it.
MiFinity Evoucher

An eWallet with fantastic customer service

Don’t let technology get in the way of doing more of what you love. Our customer service team and online support will help you get the most out of your MiFinity eWallet. We’re here to help you do more with MiFinity, so get in touch if you want to experience our customer service first-hand.